Friday, 9 October 2015

Halloween Reads +Review: The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson.

Book: The Kind Worth Killing 

Author: Peter Swanson 

Pages: 377 

How Long it Took Me To Read: 1 day 

Read On: My iPad 

Plot Summary: On a night flight from London to Boston, Ted Severson meets the mysterious Lily Kintner. Sharing one too many martinis, the strangers begin to play a game of truth, revealing intimate details about themselves. Ted talks about his marriage and his wife Miranda, who he’s sure is cheating on him. But their game turns dark when Ted jokes that he could kill Miranda for what she’s done. Lily, without missing a beat, says calmly, “I’d like to help.” 

From there, Ted and Lily’s twisted bond grows stronger as they plot Miranda's demise, but soon these co-conspirators are embroiled in a game of cat-and-mouse--one they both cannot survive--with a shrewd and very determined detective on their tail.

General Thoughts: I am kicking off this year's Halloween Reads with a book I utterly enjoyed and can't recommend enough.

I love reading spooky/mystery/murder/thriller books all year round. They are some of my favourite kind of books to read but come October everyone else also gets in the mood and that makes it even more fun to sink into dark reads. 

I have read only thriller-ish books so far in the month and so has my sister. So expect a lot more thriller reviews on this blog...all month long! :) 

Things I Liked: 

1. I really enjoyed the writing, the language and pace and style of this book was lovely. 

2. This book is inspired by Strangers on a Train and I was hooked when I first heard of it. A lovely take on the story really, it isn't the strictest of re-tellings but a lovely homage to the classic story. 

3. Such a fantastic premise, a delayed flight- an airport bar and a careless conversation about a very personal and dark topic and things so deliciously awry! 

4. There are so many, sooooo many twists and turns in this book, you think you've figured out where it's going but BAM! the book takes a whole other turn! So good! 

5. This was such a satisfying read. I smiled the whole way through. It's so well done and it was an immersive and very engaging read. I just couldn't put it down! 

6. The characters in this book are so well crafted, each and every single character is so well-written and life-like and genuine and real. They all seemed like people, living, breathing people and not just characters. 

7.! Lily though was my utter favourite! I just really liked her and inspite of all the things she does and plans and plots and I am pretty sure she is a highly functioning sociopath, I couldn't help but root for her! I love, love it when books make you root for a person you wouldn't usually root for. Lily was a fantastic...splendid deliciously devious character to get to know. She is one the best characters I've come across in a long, long time! 

8. I also really liked Ted, he was nice and simple and a good person and it was nice to get to know him too. 

9. I guessed some of the things in this book...but there was loads and loads that I didn't see coming. Always a good thing when a book manages to surprise me. 

10. The book is told in alternate chapters by different characters, Ted-Lily-Miranda and Detective Kimball. It was done well and helped the story move along very well. 

11. I also loved that we got to know Lily from her childhood and see her whole life and her evolve as a person. 

12. The ending is a cliffhanger of sorts...normally this would bug the hell out of me but this time around...I seriously didn't mind. It really packed a punch. 

Rating: 4.5/5 

I highly, highly recommend this book. It was so good! So very good! 

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