Sunday, 25 October 2015

Book Haul: Books from Om Books + Vogue. Books of October 2015 Part- II.


A mini-bookhaul today. 

I spend sometime in Om Books Store a few days ago and came back with these two books. Both publications from Om Books. I have wanted to read some Kamala Das for ages and when I saw this collection of short stories I had to pick it up. And the other book- Emotional Hostage- sounded interesting and I read the first few pages and liked the writing so decided to pick it up :) 

I also picked up the 8th Anniversary Edition of Vogue India...sometimes I like browsing through fashion magazines and this big, hefty issue seemed like a good deal. 

Let's look at the books now...

I have more new books to haul...some I picked up during Pujo. Will haul them on the blog soon! 

Happy Reading guys :) 

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