Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hello October!

Hello October! 

Hello Autumnal Vibes.
Hello Festivity.
Hello Durga Puja.
Hello Reading Spooky Books.
Hello Halloween.
Hello Scary Movies. 

Hello Hello! 

Be Kind October. 

Be Gentle. 

Be Good. 

While the rest/ most of the world slips into fall and colder weather, in Bombay we are set to endure one of the hottest months of the calendar year. 
October is more like Hotober.
Humidity soars and it is pretty much horrible

Yet October makes me rather happy. Primarily because it means Durga Puja..the biggest Bengali festival of the year.
It means 4-5 days of festivity and eating out and wearing new clothes, pandal hopping and welcoming Maa Durga to her yearly visit home. 

October also means Halloween, which even though it's not my festival still makes me rather chuffed. Any festival that celebrates spookiness is just my cup of tea! 

I celebrate by watching scary movies and reading creepy books. Ah bliss! :) 

Hope you have a very nice month ahead guys :) 

Have a very Happy October! :) 

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