Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Reads: My Favourite Scary Movies!

I am a huge horror movie buff. Anything scary, even remotely scary has my eyes all over it...meaning I will watch it! I even watch seriously bad horror films! Even the weird Hindi ones. I am not picky when it comes to horror movies, I watch them all. Sadly, finding people to watch said movies with can sometimes be challenge. Most people stay away from horror flicks. Luckily, my sister, in spite of being very scared very easily, watches these movies with me. I've also had friends who've been big horror fans like me. One of the funnest summers of my life was renting DVDs from my local DVD library and watching numerous scary movies. We watched The Ring one afternoon, scared out of our minds, we were on the floor, holding on to each other for dear life! It was the funnest afternoon! Similarly, we watched What Lies Beneath and a flying curtain left us screaming like little girls. Fun times!

Here are some of my favourite movies that will scare you and make you scream!

  1. Psycho- a true classic. If you haven't seen it, you need to change it! 
  2. Rosemary's Baby- scary and creepy and the building sense of dread and poor Rosemary's helplessness makes this movie really great. Also Mia Farrows wardrobe is pretty amazing! Perfect 1960s style. 
  3. The Omen- I first watched this movie when I was 6 and my friend was 5. To this day, just the mention of this movie makes said friend of mine seriously spooked! 
  4. Scream- one of the first slasher movies I ever saw. I love the first 2 movies of this series, the last 2 movies were a little off. But still utterly enjoyable. The TV series is also quite nice.
  5. Urban Legend- One of my favourite slasher films! I loved this movie and the ending was really surprising. I highly recommend this movie. 
  6. Let Me In- a vampire movie with some serious fright factor. This isn't about shiny, benign vampires- the kind that are lovable. The vampire in this movie is cruel, cold and downright frightening! 
  7. The Ring- seriously, seriously scary!!! The original Japanese one is even scarier! 
  8. Shutter- simple, old school horror film. About revenge from beyond the grave. I somewhat recently saw this movie and really enjoyed it!!! 
  9. It- based on a Stephen King book, this movie scarred my half to death. Of course, I saw this movie when I was 8!!! Seriously, my parents let me watch anything! :) I haven't seen this movie since and I really should, just to see if it scares me as much. 
  10. Paranormal Activity- I saw this movie alone on a rainy Bangalore afternoon. Scary and satisfying! the other installments aren't nearly as good. Maybe the second one was half way decent..the others not as much.
  11. Orphan- I loved this movie, not a horror film, this movie is a thriller with a really creepy twist in the end. 
  12. Uninvited- A remake of Korean movie called The Two Sisters, this movie was scary at times and has a pretty good twist in the end. A twist some might see coming but it was fun nevertheless. 
  13. The Conjuring- Based on true events this is a story of a family buying a new home and being severely haunted. Scary, unsettling and such a fun time! 
  14. Annabelle- A prequel of sorts to the Conjuring, this is the story of the creepy doll and how she came to be such a horrific conduit. Not nearly as great as Conjuring, it was still a fun watch. 
  15. Sinister- A true crime writer moves into a new home to pursue the story of a family that lived there and was murdered. Soon he discovers a bunch of home videos linked to the recent murder and others like it. Scary, spooky and well made. I really enjoyed it. I am dying to watch the next movie in the series! 
  16. Insidious 1-3- I liked the first and third instalments of this movie franchise. The second one was just not for me. 
  17. Visions- Saw this one recently and I really liked it. A nice little twist. An unexpected take on a horror movie. 
  18. Unfriended- Social media is a focus of this horror film. A girl killed herself a year ago and then sends messages from beyond the grave and has revenge on her mind. 
  19. What Lies Beneath- An oldie, of sorts, but so good! 
  20. The Silence of the Lambs- Not a horror movie per say but soooooo scary and unsettling. If you haven't seen this you really need to! 
I have been meaning to do this post for ages. Seriously! This post has sat in my drafts folder for 2 years now. I love horror films and it was high time I shared some of my utter favourites on the blog! :) Happy Halloween. My plan tonight is also to find a scary movie to watch and chill! Yay! 

Have a great Saturday folks! 

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