Monday, 27 March 2017

Travel Diary/// Library at La Villa Bethany, Landour.


I spent over a week at La Villa Bethany in Landour and, as a bookworm, their library was the first thing I noticed as I walked into the homestay. 
This was the first room I saw as we arrived and we spent the first hour sitting there with Sunita (the owner) talking over a cup of divine lemon-ginger-honey tea. I did a quick look around and made a mental note to come check out the shelves once I was done reading the 2 books I had carried with me to read on this holiday.
Once I read my books I popped in to check out the bookshelves and borrow some reading material. 
Unsurprisingly, I stuck to Ruskin Bond while my sister picked up a murder mystery that is written by an author that has visited and stayed at Bethany. 

Let's look at the charming little library..

Cozy chairs and sunlight streaming in through the windows. 

 A look at the many bookshelves. 

The selection of books is a good mix between fiction and non-fiction (travel, business, Indian history, nature- especially, the flora and fauna of the region) and bestsellers and literary fiction. 

There is something for everyone. 

And there is also a wide collection of children's books to keep the little ones occupied and engaged. 

There is also a shelf full of books written by authors who have stayed at La Villa Bethany. Like I mentioned, my sister read one such murder mystery written by P. B. Kolleri- a review will be up soon. 

The library is a perfect spot to sit down with a cuppa tea and read the day away. Or you can do what we did, borrowed a few books and found a cozy spot on the property or around Landour and read away. 

The decor of the library is gorgeous and old-fashioned and comforting. 

This is such a happy little space that will warm the heart of any bookworm. 

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