Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Travel Diary: General Whimsy/// Yellow Everywhere!

My week in Landour was spent waiting for this ranunculus to bloom. It was a mere bud when we first arrived and everyday it would open a little, teasing us with promise. 
On our second last day, there it was. In all of it's glory. 
It was right out side of our room and every morning as we'd stumble out to breakfast and first check on the flower, to see if it had bloomed. 

Also, see my pretty little wool slip-ons I bought from Mussoorie. 
They are made in Kullu and are medium warm and will be a great cozy little treat during winter...not in Bombay but when I visit my parents in the hometown. 

More yellow happiness all over the property. 

Something, actually everything about yellow is so cheerful. 
You can't be wearing it or seeing it and be morose. 
I wear yellow on days I crave some joy. 
And yellow flowers are a sure shot way of feeling cheerful. 


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