Sunday, 26 March 2017

Travel Diary/// Sun Dappled.


I hate the sun with a passion that is unparalleled. Most of this strong feeling comes from living in Bombay year round where the sun is no one's friend, except perhaps drying laundry :) 
But in the hills I can't get enough sunshine. 
Most of my time in Landour was spent sitting in the patio outside our room sunning myself silly. 
I read and journaled and just watched the clouds flit across the sky sitting in my favourite spot. 
I loved the sun and the sun loved me right back. 
I  am now 3 shades darker and ever-so-slightly-sunburnt in parts. 
Don't even ask. 
I kinda forgot to pack my sunscreen and didn't end up buying a new tube some 4 days into our holiday and so I am now tanned silly. 
My sister's nose is kinda sunburnt and if it weren't hilarious we'd be concerned. But nothing some soothing aloe vera gel can't help. 

The sun kissed trees and plants at the homestay. 

Tall majestic trees all over Landour. 

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