Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Travel Diary/// Golden Hour in Landour.


I am still in beautiful Landour. 
I am still very much in love with everything around me. 
Since I last blogged, I have finished one and a half book, both by Ruskin Bond and I love them both. 
I have also taken some nice walks. 
Taken a bunch of pictures. 
Cuddled some cute dogs. 
Met some seriously fun and like minded people and had some truly wonderful conversations. 

A few evenings back I snapped some pictures of the gorgeous sunset in the hills and want to share them today. 
Golden hour at it's prettiest. 

I could see this every single day and not tire of it. 

The winter line in all it's glory. 
I love how almost lilac-ish the sky looks. 

Sir Bearington (the mini backpack) in all of this slightly morose glory! 
This has been my bag of choice while exploring the hills. It is tiny enough so that I don't get weighed down by stuff and yet roomy enough for me to carry around my wallet, journal, Kindle and a bottle of water too! 


I will be back with more glimpses of my holiday and some bookish content as well.
It's just that life is a little less about books and a little bit more about living in the moment and making the most of my trip here.

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