Sunday, 19 March 2017

Travel Diary/// Postcards from Landour!

I am writing this post sitting on a patio overlooking the most stunning views of the mountains. 
I am in Landour, Mussoorie a second year running and I couldn't be happier. 
We came here last year in April and fell in love with place and it's simple winding roads and cold and clean mountain air. It is paradise and if you need to find a place where you can find peace and quiet and breath taking views--- Landour is the place for you! I cannot recommend it enough! 

We decided last year that we would come back and hopefully make this an annual tradition. I am beyond grateful that I have managed to do this year. 

I've been here for 2 days now and all I've done is..
 taken in the beauty around me.
 Had long wonderful conversations with the people at the home stay I am at.
There has also been reading in bed.  
Cups of tea.
  Walks down the winding roads.
Three hour naps.
In short, it's been pretty damn sweet!!! 

Now time for pictures...

Tall grand old trees and cloudy skies. 
Thankfully, we've only had clear skies since we've been here and not a hint of a raindrop...though you know I love me some rain! 
A rainy day raging outside and a good book and cups of warm coffee is pretty much my idea of heaven! 

The view that meets you when you are driving out of Dehradun airport. The Jolly Grant airport is hands down the prettiest airport I've ever seen. 

Wander away my heart!
One of my favourite quotes ever. This was the first thing we saw as we entered our homestay. 

The library at my homestay.
This holiday I've been on my best behaviour, when it comes to packing. Unlike on most of my trips where I pack like 10 books, this time I've only brought along 2 physical books and of course carried my Kindle. 

 I am yet to fully explore the goodies this library has to offer. But I am here for a little bit so once I finish my books I will turn to the library for my fix. 

The skies here are a magical shade of blue. Clearer than skies anywhere else, especially compared to Bombay! 

My plant lady heart is very happy! 

What I am currently reading. This book is utterly charming and is basically the most perfect book to read here. 

My heart is full and happy. 

I don't know how much I'll end up blogging while I am here..the internet is a little bit sketchy. But I do want to document my holiday on here and share some of Landour's beauty with you guys. 

I am maniacally journaling as well and I will share my journal pages as well. 

I hope you guys are doing very well. And I will see you when I see you. 
Now it's time for some lemon ginger tea and going back to the comfort of my book! 


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