Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday Favourites: Washi Tape + Book + Dessert + Fauxdori + Matte Nail Polish & Desk Scenes.

Hello Friday! 
Aren't Fridays the best? 
This one is a long weekend in Bombay and in most of India, baring a few places. It's Holi on Monday, the festival of colours. A harbinger of Spring in India. 
I am not big on Holi. It kinda freaks me out. It is beautiful from a distance but I have never enjoyed playing it, I find it a little too much for my comfort. 
But if you play Holi I hope you have a lovely Holi. 

Now on to some of the things I've been loving lately. 
Time for some favourites this Friday. 

I for one had a lovely Friday with my bestie Rashmi and her mini-me. We had coffee and laughed hysterically. Good times! 

1. Washi Love/// I love decorating my journal pages with Washi Tape. I also really love the Cats on this Washi Tape. I use them as stickers to make my pages more interesting. 

2. Magpie Murders + Lemon Tart/// I recently read and loved this book. Well, mostly loved. A whole review is up on the blog, my sister read it before me and kindly reviewed it. I read it only last week and loved the book within the book. Meaning..I loved the manuscript part but not the rest of the second murder and investigation. 
The Lemon Tart from Theobroma is of course all kinds of wonderful! 

3. Indiana Jones Style Journal/// Doesn't this notebook cover remind you of Indiana Jones's notebook in all of those movies? My sister is using it as a cover for her Hobonichi. I love how worn it looks. So totally vintage and almost antique looking. Love it. 
The cover is from Galen Leather. 

4. Baby Blue/// Another Matte nail polish from Nykaa that I adore. A really lovely pastel-y colour for  Spring. 

5. On the desk/// A journal. 
An open pencil case. 
And my phone. 

Have a wonderful weekend folks. 
I plan on get my reading on, I haven't read anything in a bit. Like three days, which in my world is long, long time. 
So I need to sink my teeth into a good book ASAP! 


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