Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Hello March 2017!

Hello March! 

Hello Holi!

Hello Spring!

Hello Iced-drinks!

Hello Travel! 

I love March. I think it has something to do with how when I was a kid it meant the end of the academic year and the advent of summer holidays. Some of that joy just lingers on I guess. 

March also starts with my mother's birthday(today). A great way to begin the month. 

This March also has some travel on the cards...which I am so excited for!!! 

So be good March. 
Be Kind. 
Be Fun. 
Be Gentle. 
Bring adventure with you. 


I happy you are here March! 

My goals from this month are simple. 

⇸Write everyday---- even if it is a paragraph here and there or a quick character portrait. But I must write. 

⇻Read 12 books. 

⇻Read a classic. Preferably one of my many, many..many Penguin English Library Editions! 

⇻Watch some movies. I especially want to watch Lion. 

⇻Eat at home. Start cooking again. 

Basically I want to be good this month. 


I will share my TBR for March really soon! 


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