Friday, 10 March 2017

Haul: Diary + Tote + Stickers + Pencil Case from La Dolce Vita.


I recently had the most darlingest of hauls from La Dolce Vita
This was our second time ordering from this store. The last time around my sister got an undated diary and a tote bag and some loose single stickers. We fell in love with the illustration style of the artist. All of these girls in the artwork are so terribly hipster chic. 
The quality of every single thing is impeccable and I highly recommend this store and everything they sell---wow! That sounded like an ad but I promise these are just my thoughts. I really love the whimsy quality of the art. 
So pretty! 

Let's see what we got, shall we? 

This is everything as I first unboxed all of the goodies. 
We Got: 
A Diary-- that comes with it's own stickers! 
A Tote Bag. 
A pencil case. 
Some stickers. 

An envelope in which the stickers came. 
Seriously every element of this package was delightful! 

This is the tote bag. 
I can't wait to carry it all summer long! 

This is the pencil case. My sister is using it for carrying her everyday, most often used pens and pencils. 

I simply love the illustration of the girl journaling is just darling! 

Just look at all these beautiful illustrations! I love this artist's work and will definitely be buying more! 

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