Thursday, 2 March 2017

Vignettes/// Summer-Daze!


Even though it's only the beginning of March, here in Bombay it feels like mid-May!
If you know me, you know that summer is my least favourite season. 
I hate it. 
And this year it seems like summer is here before time. 
So like always I am trying to find some sort of silver lining and trying hard to find some things to enjoy in this harsh weather. 
Of course, running to cooler climes is my number way to deal with the summer heat but for now other little things will have to suffice. 

1. Oodles of ice-tea make summer seem a lot better. Apart from drinking it outside, I also love brewing my own iced-tea. I make it in huge batches and enjoy it over the course of the week. 

Also books + tea is a match made in heaven! 

2. Bright Colours on my Nails! 
I love bright oranges, pinks and purples to make summer tolerable. 

3. Summery Happy Prints! 

4. Summer Blooms! 
The sight of flowers just brightens my spirit. 
And summer is when all the flowers come to play. 

5. Summer Reads/// Something about summer brings out the need to read big, fat books. to really sink my teeth into larger books. To tackle classics. A remnant of I am sure of school holidays, when summer was the only time in the year to read non-stop. 

What are the things you love best about summer? 

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