Wednesday, 8 March 2017

General Whimsy: Bag Lady Part- XI.

A new pencil case from La Dolce Vita. I love the illustration on this and a girl writing in a journal is so totally my aesthetic. My sister is using this pencil case to store all of her most used pens, which in her case are all of her ink pens from Lamy and Kaweko. 

A beautiful tote that my sister is currently using. It has the most gorgeous block print on it. Dabru prints..if I am not wrong. We got it from Farida Gupta and we are so in love. It's perfectly roomy and even fits a 13 inch laptop. A perfect day bag and just look so freaking pretty! 

Some glimpses of my little jhola. I got this from People Tree a few years ago. But I hadn't used it since getting it. I carried it last month and I loved it. It is beautifully made and even has very soft fabric on the inside. And had wonderful deep pockets too. I really enjoyed using this bag, even though she looks small is wonderfully deceptive and fits everything I need. 

I used some pins from Forever 21 to decorate the strap of the jhola. 

A navy and white polka dot satchel from Accessorize. I snagged this beauty on 50% which is a little bit of birthday tradition for me. I always buy an Accessorize bag in my birthday month, which luckily happens to be sale season. This year I got this beauty which is beautiful and roomy and I love it. 

This is my littlest of pencil cases. I carry this Kitty pencil pouch in my handbag at all times. It is the perfect size to fit the fews pens I like to carry with my at all times. 
I also keep a small Washi Tape sampler on me..I am true planner nerd! 
I want to do a post on all of my pencil cases (yes I have more than one) and will do so soon. 
I got this case over 5 years ago from Landmark. I just couldn't resist the cats! 


I am battling a horrible headache today. :( So a quick little post for today, I love doing these Bag Lady posts and my readers seem to enjoy them too. 

I am drinking some coffee and hoping this pain goes away on it's own without the aid of medication. 
The plan is to keep away from any screens and even my books. My head just can't handle it. 

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