Monday, 6 March 2017

Stationery Sunday/// Haul from Katrin With Love


Just wanted to do a quick haul on here today. 
We recently got some seriously pretty ephemera from From Katrin With Love's super-pretty store of papery goodness over on

Look how beautifully packaged the goodies arrived!
It really felt like a present had come in the mail.

A pack full of birds!
My sister is a little bit obsessed with cute little birdies. She finds them endlessly fascinating and I agree. These birds are seriously cute and some of them look so serious and sombre.

A whole bunch of roses.
It might be a cliche to love roses, but I do. There is something so classic and classy about roses.
I can't wait to use these roses in my journal pages and in my planner.

Flowers...I am all about floral elements in all aspects in my life.
In clothing and in home decor and pretty much everything else.
So of course we had to get this pack of vintage flowers.

And finally a set of leaves.
I think I might love leaves just as much as I love flowers. I find leaves so ernest and so terribly important.
I love that are so many kinds of leaves in this pack. Fresh green leaves and fall leaves and even little itty bitty leaf-lets.
Ah! I can't wait to use these.

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