Sunday, 14 May 2017

Stationery Sunday: Olive Edition Traveler's Notebook

Hello, hello!

Today I will be sharing with you a quick unboxing and some glimpses at my sister's Olive Edition Traveler's Notebook!

My sister ordered her Olive Edition Traveler's Company Notebook from Tabiyo Shop. Tabiyo Shop is based in Malaysia and they are excellent and shipping things quickly and, as you can see, packaging things beautifully as well! You feel like you are getting a present in the mail! Plus, they ship out the package with a tracking number, so you can track your precious goodies right up to your doorstep.

So, here is what was inside that beautiful brown paper package- an Olive TN! It comes with the Olive Edition leather TN (obviously!), a dust bag to store the TN, extra elastics and a blank notebook insert. This is pretty much the standard package of what you get when you buy any Traveler's Notebook from the Traveler's Company (used to be known as Midori). 

Here is what the TN looks like.. It does look brown-ish in indoors lighting (natural light coming in through the windows) but it looks like its true olive-y self when it is in direct sunlight. All said, it is a beautiful, rich olive green colour. Reminds me of the moss growing along the bark of a pine tree :) The leather is smooth and nicely moisturised. Very, very pretty! 

Here she is on Easter. All charmed-up and hanging out with our Easter Egg from Theobroma! 

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at the Olive Edition Traveler's Company (Midori) TN! A second batch of it is up for pre-order on Tabiyo and will be sent out in June (I think!).

Have a good week, guys!

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