Friday, 5 May 2017

Friday Favourites: Summer Loves.


This Friday I want to share some of my favourite things about Summer 2017. 
Summer is hard on me. I like to hide away from life during these sweltering months of Indian summer! 
But there are certainly some benefits of summer. And I like to find silver linings in all things, summer included. 
Here are some of my Summer Favourites so far into the season. 

1. Lazy Summer Mornings. 
Staying in bed and reading with the curtains most closed and yet having a sliver of sunshine making it's way in lighting up corners of my room. 
I usually have a book for company. 
An iced-coffee close by. 

2. Summer Sunsets. 
There is something to be said about the sun settling down for the night, after a long day of shining bright. 
Everything looks and feels mellow when the sun is setting. 
And it's even better if you have warm waves licking your feet. 

3. Summer Drinks. 
Rose Sherbat is my drink this summer. 
Lots of ice and a mason jar full of soothing and calming rose sherbet. 
It really actively cools me down and makes summer afternoons so much better. 
I also have a glass after dinner. I wash my face, do my nightly skincare routine and get into bed with a glass of this pink delight and unwind before I finally get sleepy. 

4. Summer Flowers. 
Fresh flowers in the house is always, always a good idea! 

5. Summer Reading. 
As a child, summer meant endless days of reading and tackling bit fat books that I couldn't otherwise be able to delve into in the school year. 
I read classics, mystery books and fat books full of short-stories. 
I was in heaven. 
I do read a lot more in the summer months given my mainly indoor lifestyle and some books are more conducive to reading in the summer months in any case. 
My Reading List for Summer is still under construction. I am working on it and will share it once I have made it. 
What are you planning on reading this summer? 


Another favourite of summer are Summer Movies. 
I've watching quite a few movies lately, mostly re-watching old favourites. 
And I am loving it. 
Right now, as I am typing out this post I am watching one of my all time favourite movies 10 Things I Hate About You. If you don't love this movie...seriously, we can't be friends! 

Have a lovely weekend folks! 
Mine will hopefully be full of reading and cleaning and sleeping in. 


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