Monday, 22 May 2017

Monday Moods: Bujo for May 2017.


I have been meaning to dip my toes in the Bullet Journaling (Bujo) world for a while now. 
But the traditional way to doing it, what with keys and symbols and the like seemed way too intimidating. So I kept away. 
To be fair, I think I did my own little version of Bujo all though 2014, when every 3 months I'd move into a new journal and make it my own. I didn't have a traditional planner all year around and by the end of 2014, I had used by some 4-5 empty notebooks of mine, which was my main goal in going planner-less. 

But for this year, starting in May I felt really inspired to Bujo in a small way and see how I felt about it. 

Here is my basic Bujo set for May. 

This is the notebook I've chosen for my Bujo this month. 
It's a passport sized notebook I got from Filter from a brand called Literarian. 
It has both single ruled and grid paper. 
The paper quality is decent, it can take gel pens but is not too good with markers and ink pens. 

Some supplies to prettify my front pages. 
I used single stickers and sticker sheets to add some colour and cutesy. 

How cute is this girl?! 

My front page and front flap all decorated. 
The pineapple and watermelon are sticky notes from Accessorize. 

While I did skip the traditional key, I did make one..which is colour based to differentiate between the areas in my life. 
I do need to add some more for personal chores and things. 

Some examples of how my pages look like. 
I've kept things very minimal, using only Washi Tape to decorate. 
I love having a daily to-do list and little lists to keep track of my life. 

Now for some supplies...

I am using a basic black pen to make the lists.
The coloured pens to colour code, the pens are from Muji. 
And I use a plethora of Washi Tapes. 

Verdict: I am really enjoying this method of planning. And I will have a separate Bujo set-up for every month from now on out. 
It is tiny and easy to maintain and you can personalise it just as easily. 
A win-win.
I am still using my Kikki K as my main planner, and I have no intention of giving up on it and wasting it. 
I use that to set goals and keep track of things and I also chart my mood and use it as a gratitude journal. So that is staying put. 
My Bujo will be just an additional planning tool and is basically my place to keep my daily To-Do list. 


I will share my Bujo antics for the rest of the year on a blog as well. 

I am really enjoying this style of planning! 

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