Sunday, 28 May 2017

Stationery Sunday: Special Edition Pilot Coleto Pens Haul


Hope your Sunday has been a restful and happy one. 
Mine included going to bed only at 8:00 am! 
And waking up in the afternoon. 
Upside down Sundays are the very best. 

I am right now cooking up some delicious grilled chicken and pasta with marinara sauce. 
Plus there is ice-cream on the way. 

For today's Stationery Sunday post I want to share a quick little haul of a pretty legendary pen.
In the planning and stationery world, the Pilot Coleto pens have a loyal fan following. Everyone is always raving about them and now that I have one of my own I can see why! 

These pens are seriously brilliant. 

Easy to ensemble. 
So customisable. 
And Hello Kitty! 
I am so smitten! 

We got a pack of 10 refills in multiple colours, as seen. 
And we got 2 pens to share. 
This blue Hello Kitty one is mine and I really, really love it. 
My sister too has a Hello Kitty one but in black.

I have been using my pen every single day since I got it.
The colours I am using are- light pink, dark pink, orange and light blue.
This pen comes especially handy while I am Bullet Journaling, since I colour code my Bujo. 

Even the packaging is so damn adorable. 
I had the hardest time throwing away the refill pack!

I got the pens from Cute Things From Japan.

I highly recommend this pen and I finally see what the hype and fuss is all about! 

So good! 

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