Saturday, 20 May 2017

Haul/// Bags from Pure Ghee Design.


How is your Saturday treating you? 
Mine has been exceptionally relaxing. 
Reading- The Living by Anjali Joseph. 
Eating good food- Chocolate Peanut Butter Oats and a cheeky pizza for lunch. 
Ah bliss! 

Today I want to share 2 of my newest bag loves! 
Nothing makes my bag loving heart happier that finding a bag I love. 
These beauties are from Pure Ghee Designs

I've had my eye on these gorgeous bags for a while now. I loved the colours and how simple and clean the design is. 
I ultimately chose a mint/turquoise tote for myself, since I recently had to throw out a mint bag that was completely ruined. So I had room in my life and closet for mint coloured bad. This one fit the bill. This is called the Quilted Metro Work bag
I love, LOVE the colour and how thoughtfully it's designed. 
There is ample space to carry around your essentials and it has pockets inside to keep your stuff organised. The pockets outside are perfect and deep enough to stash your phone and other bits. 
I also adore the bag charm it comes with, I am having a total bird moment right now and this charm makes me very happy. 

While I went for a mint coloured tote bag, my sister chose this black and red slightly larger tote for everyday bag. This is the Classic Tote in Black
It comfortably fits her laptop and every thing she needs on a daily basis. She has been using it for over a week and really loves how well-made and comfortable this bag is to carry, plus being black it goes with everything! 

Such things of beauty. 
I highly recommend these bags and Pure Ghee in general, I love their aesthetic and design sensibility. I've had one other bag from them in the past which I loved too. 
Plus these bags are timeless. They will always be in style and made from silk these will last forever. 
I couldn't be happier with my bag. 

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