Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Monthly Favourites/// April 2017.


My April Favourites are coming very late in the day. I almost thought I'd skip this month but I did love a few things in April that I want to share/ talk about. 

So let's jump into it...

April Favourites! 

1. Reading Bengali Books All Month Long/// I really enjoyed reading only Bengali books all month long in April. 
A great way for me to make my way through a bunch of unread books on my TBR and a great way for me to celebrate Bengali New Year. 

2. Smoothie Season/// April was all about the smoothies for me. 
I drank a lot of smoothies to beat the heat and on days I wanted to skip breakfast. 
My favourite smoothie was a Banana-Peanut Butter-Chocolate smoothie that I whipped up the most.
I also am still madly in love with my Good Earth Mug! 

3. Summer Dressing/// I loved wearing Indian clothes in the most spring colours all month long. 
Indian summers can only be survived by donning Indian fabrics. Cotton, mul, linen and easy breathable clothes. 

4. Silver Shopping/// April also included some delightful silver shopping, which is pretty much one of my favourite things to do! 
We took a friend to our favourite silver shop in Colaba and we bought some beautiful additions to our jewellery boxes too! 

5. Favourite Bag/// I finally did what I meant to do for months and months! 
I DIY-ed my black backpack from Forever 21 with a bunch of stickers I got from H&M. 
I love how it turned out. So much better than paying a ton of money for a backpack with stickers and patches on it. Might as well put on stickers I like. And this was easy and so customisable. 

6. Krishnachura aka Gulmohar/// April means that my city and pretty much all of India is covered with the bright orange/red blooms of the Gulmohar. A sight that always brings me joy. I am so lucky that the area around my home is full of Gulmohar trees that come alive this time of the year! 

7. Kindle Cover/// My sister picked up this gorgeous bag from Janpath in Delhi. 
I've been using it as a cover for my Kindle. I love it's bright colours and the embroidery. 

8. A Tin of Pins/// I bought so many beautiful pins and badges in April and it makes me so happy. 
Most of the pins are from Lifestyle and H&M. 

April was a good month. 
A hot month full of little joys and good books and spending time with people I like. 
I had ate good food, read good books and had the house to myself for 3 days during which I painted and art journaled to my heart's content. 
April you were good! 


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