Sunday, 7 May 2017

Travel Diary: Landour Bakehouse, Sister's Bazaar Landour.


If you ever find yourself in Landour you have to walk down to Sister's Bazaar and you simple have to stop at The Landour Bakehouse and sit awhile. 
Sit and take in the views.
Drink some coffee.
Order some crepes. 
People watch. 
Just be. 

I went here twice during my 8 days in Landour and I can't wait to go back here again. 
The food is delicious. 
The views great. 

Seriously, you must go here. 
I sat here reading and journaling and eating some delicious food and keeping warm and fuelling up for the walk back to my hotel. 

Crepes and me journaling. 

Cold coffee and lemon tart. 

The decor of his cafe is pretty darn dreamy. 

The view! 

More crepe magic. This is the Nutella Crepe. 

 This glorious beast is the peanut butter and chocolate crepe which is magnificent. 

A very happy table this...Toasties. 
The remains of the crepes. 

This was a very good day! 

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