Thursday, 4 May 2017

General Whimsy: Pages of my Art Journal.


Today I want to share some pages of from my Art Journal.
First and foremost let me state the obvious--- I am NOT an artist. 
I am nowhere close to being one. 
But I love spending time playing with paints and art and just letting my mind go blank and paint. 
I love it. 
I wish more than anything else I could paint well. 
But I am immensely happy with my dinky art. 

These are some pages from my Art Journal. 
I want to do so much more of this. 
Fill up my pages with pretty little things. 

No Rain. 
No Flowers. 

True isn't it?
There can be no joy and beauty without going through some hardships. 

This page was later filled up with writing. 
Decorated simply with some embellishments that came in my Planner Society Kit. 
A little glue and these beauties stay put. 

This is an entry from my Travel Journal. A page dedicated to all the gorgeous plants that lived right outside my room. 

A page to document my newest purchases. 

An ode Spring and Summer 2017. 

A shoutout to my paints of choice The Gansai Tambi paint palette. Love the colour selection and the pigment of each colour. 

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