Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Whimsy Wear: Haul/// Bag + Dupatta + Phone Bag + Other Goodies from Fabindia.


This haul is more a gift from our friend M. :) 
She was in town a few weekends back and got these darling things. 
I love everything she got, especially the little bag! 
It's like M lives in my head and picked up things I would have gotten myself! 

Most of these are from Fabindia. 

Isn't this bag the cutest?
Love it. 

Phone bags like this are a great way to make sure your phone doesn't get scratched up in your bag. 

These lipstick cases come from my part of the world. 
Made out of leather these come in delightful shapes and forms. I have an owl one and a cat one. 
This case holds 3 lipsticks and has a mirror. I have it in my bag and it's great for on the go. 

The yellow notebook is from Anokhi and not Fabindia and I love it. 
I actually have a few of these and this yellow with the floral print is so my aesthetic at the moment. 

The dupatta is simple but gorgeous. 

The little lipstick case came with a necklace and a beaded bracelet. 

Thanks M, I love everything you've thoughtfully gotten us. 


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