Monday, 15 May 2017

Monday Moods---- Haul/// Notebooks + File Folder + Magnets + Wallet from iTokri.


Let's kick off this week with some beautiful things shall we? 

For today's post I want to share some of the goodies I recently got from iTokri, which is one of my happy places on the internet. Full of handmade beauties and handlooms and handicrafts from India, browsing this site just makes me so happy! 
I've been buying little bits and bobs from them since 2012 and I highly, highly recommend you pop on over and fall in LOVE with all of their gorgeous things! 

Now on to the beauties I've added to my life recently. 

The very first thing I wanted to get was this gorgeous block print wallet. 
I was in the market for a new wallet since November. 
Since the demagnetisation, I haven't been carrying a lot of cash, I never have really and a mid-sized wallet is perfect for my needs. 
This one caught my eye and I fell in love. 
It has two main compartments for notes. One is enough for me, so I might use the other for storing receipts. It has a handy little coin purse and I love it's size the most. 
It can fit into my smaller bags and I love that this bright red colour will pop against even the darker insides of some of my bags. 

Next up I got these two field-notes sized notebooks bound  with stunning ikat covers. Ikat is one of my absolute favourite things and I am so tempted to go back and get more of these. 
These are lined--which is perfect.
And I might use one of these, mostly the pink one as my Bujo next month. 

I really needed file folder for my Art Journal scraps. I have a motley collections of cut-outs and print outs and papers flying around and I needed a folder to keep them all in one place. 
This red one was a no brainer. I have clearly having a red block print phase and I have no complaints about it. 
This file is not just beautiful it is also beautifully made and a stores a fair amount of papers in it. 

Finally, I got these blue pottery magnets which are stunning! 
I intend on popping them on my steel cupboards to prettify them. 
Blue pottery is such a thing of beauty. 

iTokri always sends a little freebie with every single purchase and it just makes me so happy! 
It's a small but such a wdoenrfully kind gesture and I wish more brands did this. A small token of love and appreciation, what is even better is that they always send the cutest things as free gifts. 
This time they sent across this little birdie keychain which is so lovely! 

Thank you, iTokri for always having the best stuff! 

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