Friday, 2 August 2019

7 Perfect Rainy Day Films on Netflix!


We are having one gloriously rainy day after another here in Bombay and pretty much all over India recently. 
No complaints! 
I like nothing more than the rain lashing outside and being cozy at home with a cup of perfectly brewed coffee. Add a thriller film to the mix and we are in business. 
I love thriller/horror as a genre overall, both in books and films. And lately, I've been finding some hidden gems on Netflix, that have hit the spot. 

Here are 7 films perfect for a rainy day or even better a rainy night. 
Turn off the lights. 
Go to Netflix. 

1. HUSH: A deaf writer living in the middle of nowhere is faced with a psychopathic killer and will have to use her wits to survive in this game of cat and mouse. 
This film, OMG! It will keep you on the edge of your seat; the fear and tension is palpable. You find yourself wondering what you'd do in a similar situation and rooting for our protagonist. I watched this one with my heart pounding the whole time, in the best way possible. 
So good! 

2. THE INVITATION: A dinner party invite from your ex-wife and her new partner. Old friends. Old trauma. A strange evening. Something is off...very off. 
THIS so darn atmospheric. There is menace underlying it's entire run. You can sense something being very off in this situation and as an audience you are part of it. I watched it and was stressed the whole time. It was unsettling and odd and perfect. I can't believe it took me this long to finally watch this film, it had been sitting on my list for over a year. Don't make my mistake and watch it over this weekend. It's really good. Creepy and menacing and so subtle. 

3.  INTRUDERS: Sorta similar to Hush. This one features an agoraphobic young woman, who hasn't left her home in 10 years. Having recently lost her bother to cancer, she is expected to finally leave her home to go for his funeral. But when the day dawns, she finds herself unable to overcome her phobia and stays indoors. Expecting to find the home empty, three intruders break in. Only to find out that this timid, scared and messed up woman isn't all that they thought she'd be. 
As the tag line says- They Should Have Left Her Alone.
More cat and mouse shenanigans in this one too. Plus mind games and several twists and turns. 

4. BEFORE I WAKE: This one is a thriller with a difference. A young couple, coping with the recent passing of their toddler decide to foster a shy young boy. A boy who's been in the foster system for far too long and moved around way too often. They open their homes and heart to this young boy and hope his presence can heal their hurt too. But this little boy has a special gift. While he dreams, his dreams turn real. Beautiful butterflies float around. Light dances. A dead toddler comes to life. 
Sounds dreamy right? 
But what if he's having a nightmare? 
What then? 
Magical and heartbreaking in parts but equally unsettling in others. It is a thriller with some magical realism elements and a whole lot of heart. 

5. THE FOREST: A woman travels across the world to the Japanese  suicide forest to go search for her missing twin. She doesn't think her sister is dead. She feels her alive and well. In spite of several warnings from locals, she befriends an Australian freelance travel journalist and a local guide an enters the Aokigahara Forest
Spooky. Moody. Atmospheric. This film is a trip, literally and otherwise. 
This is beyond perfect for a rainy night. 

6. THE TALL MAN: A small town that's dying, a former mine town that is slowly fading away due to lack of employment and opportunity. To make matter worse the town's children are going missing at an alarming rate. The people here believe it is the Tall Man, an urban legend of a mysterious monster who abducts the town's children away. Local nurse and recent widow is caught up in all the madness when her own child is snatched in the middle of the night. 
I went into this film expecting an out and out urban legend horror film but what I got was something a little bit different but interesting. It's the kind of film that delivers several twists and keeps you hooked, but best of all it's the kind of film that makes you think. 

7. WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE: A LGBTQ horror/thriller. YAS! 
A couple goes to a remote cabin to spend some time. The cabin belongs to one of the women and she hasn't been here since she was a child. From the very beginning something is not quite right. The past is murky and something about this place and the past is shrouded in mystery and secrets. Don't want to give too much away, but this one is another egde-of-the-seat thriller! 

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