Monday, 5 August 2019

Stationery Sunday: Planner Pages.


A late post this Sunday night. 
For this week's Stationery Sunday I thought I'd share some of my planner pages and how I decorate them for an upcoming week. 
I keep it fairly minimal, so that my pages have more room for actual planning and list making. 
I use a mix of stickers and sticky notes and sometimes washi tape. 

FYI, I have done a Stationery Sunday of sorts over on my IGTV, where I have hauled a new Traveller's Notebook from The Black Canvas. 
Go see if you want to. 

OK, now on to some planner pages..

I took these very cute cat framed Instax pictures via an Instax app. 
Look how cozy and cute the cats look! 

I used these large floral stickers that fill up the pages nicely while still leaving me ample room to go ahead and fill up the pages with list making. 
I also added these tiny Cat stickers to the pages for some extra whimsy and to depict the monsoons and other general mood. 


Planner from The Ink Bucket 

Stickers from Ali Express 

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