Saturday, 17 August 2019

Vignettes: Home. (Corners of my home.)

Sunkissed Converse. 
Kitty re-usable tote. 
And a Zara shopping bag with 2 tees in it. 
An ordinary glance into my home. 

Plushies from this place called Connect Zoey. 
The Raccoon is called Stephen Strange. 

A cozy corner of my bedroom. 
Full of plushies and cushions and pillows, a perfect place to read and get cozy on a rainy day. 

A happy pile up. 

Of course, no mention of my home is complete without a few mentions about my book filled space. 

I love that one of the first things you notice about my home as soon as you walk in is my overwhelming number of books. I've had so many people comment on my precious books the minute the walk in. Family friends, strangers and even various service folks. 
It's always complimentary and kind and makes me feel very happy. 

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