Monday, 5 August 2019

Monday Moods: Rainy Days!


The Rain Gods have been smiling on us all weekend long. 
It rained and poured and it was breezy and beautiful all weekend long. 
I was in bliss. 
I like nothing better than having a perfectly rainy day to stay in and be cozy and read and maybe watch a scary film or two. 
My idea of paradise isn't sunny or tropical, no not one bit. It's grey and breezy and cold and full of books and coffee. 

But back to the rains. 
Here are my favourite Rainy Day activities. 

1. Watching the clouds coming in. 
I could spend hours just watching the rain, it's my favourite way to meditate and let nature calm me and fill me with serenity. 

2. Wear something cozy and comfortable and stay indoors. 
I recently got these adorable tees from Osumwear and come on, how could I possibly resist a Stranger Things tee? 
So cute and so comfy. 
Also a Kindle full of the right kind of books- thrillers! 

3. A perfectly brewed cup of coffee. 
Rainy days and coffee are a match made in heaven! So, this weekend was all about the coffee- caramel coffee- to be very precise! Yum! 

Also, we watched some scary movies and read some great books! So, our weekend was very lovely! 

Hope yours was too! :) 

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