Monday, 19 August 2019

Monday Moods: For the love of Circle Bags!


I might be a little/ a lot in love with all things circle bags. 
It's a little obsession and I have collected quite a few beautiful circle bags from mostly indie sellers and bag makers, which of course makes them even more special. 

Here are some of my favourite Circle Bags: 

1. Joyeeta makes some of my absolute favourite art in the whole wide world. 
The bags, brooches, bookmarks and jewellery and art prints are out of this world. She also makes these absolutely darling circle bags, I own three of her circle bags and this was one of the first I ever got. 
A thing of beauty. 

This one is super special because she is fully customised to my very own whims. 
She is a curly haired girl wearing glasses and has a bunch of sunflowers and daisies in bloom all around. 
This turned out so perfect and even better than what I had imagined. 

2. This Ikat beauty is from Wear Your Style, an Instagram shop we discovered through our explore page. 
I used this bag extensively when I was in the hometown and it was perfect for small outings, it held my wallet, phone, tissues and even Kindle if need be. 
I added a pin on it for some added colour. 

3. Another favourite place for me get some of my favourite bags is Riddhi Pankaj who makes really unique and happy bags. 
I got this velvet floral embroidery number from her a few months ago and can't get over how beautiful and vibrant it looks. The flowers are almost life like and pop off the bag. 
So pretty. 

This is another one of Riddhi's creations, a crochet number. 
So pretty and these bags hold a lot of stuff and look only deceptively small. Plus, her quality and finishing is impeccable. 

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