Saturday, 31 August 2019

Whimsy Wear: For the Love of Chikankari.


In case you didn't know this about me I have lived in Lucknow for five years. 
The land of chikankari. When we first moved to Lucknow, in the first year itself we went bananas for chikankari and bought all kinds of things with the intricate and sublime embroidery. Frocks, kurtas, cushion covers and sarees for Maa. We were in love. 
I remember my first ever chikan kurta, it was baby pink and so pretty. Over time I think I've had every colour they had on offer- pale pista green, light blue, purple and yellow. My sister had an even larger collection, especially when she moved to Delhi for college. 

Then we moved back to Bombay and eventually I grew out of all my chikankari clothes. Dad would sometimes go to Lucknow for work and get us a kurta once in a while.

I always took my chikankari clothes for granted, it was such a staple from my childhood. 
And then years later I would see chikankari in Fabindia or in fancier boutiques and the price tag on those clothes just blew my mind. I was just not willing to pay that kind of money for things I had got for so much cheaper from the place of origin. 

My love for this gentle and subtle art form always had a place in my heart. 

Earlier this year, my sister went to Lucknow for work and was there for 3 days and found time to hit up a few shops and buy us some beautiful chikankari kurtas. 
She went to Ada and fell in love with their kurtas and the range. 
You can also find them online and on Amazon as well. 

These are the ones she picked up for me. 

A yellow, my favourite colour. 
A cream/light brown one. 

So pretty! 

My sister got herself 3 full sets in chanderi, which she plans on wearing for Pujo. 
She got an aqua/mint one, a purple one and a peach one. 
They are all gorgeous. 

I am so in love with this yellow beauty. 
I plan on pairing it with a white palazzo. 

A pretty pairing. 

I adore this larger style of embroidery. The dainty and delicate style is great but this larger and more prominent style is my new favourite. 

I plan on wear this with off white palazzos and wear gold toned jewellery and maybe pearls and a silk duppatta. 

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