Thursday, 1 August 2019

Hello August 2019 + Indian Books in August.

Hello August! 

Hello Indian Independence Day! 

Hello Reading only Indian Books all month long! 

Hello Rains! 

Hello Festivities! 


Hello me Blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY this month! 


I am so beyond excited for August to be here. It is one of my favourite months of the year because there is something celebratory about this month. The month the shaped my country and gave millions of Indians freedom from the colonisers. I still feel giddy and emotional thinking about our Independence Day, the current state of affairs notwithstanding. I've always felt that celebrating our Independence shouldn't just be confined to one day, instead I celebrate all month long. Via books, my love language. 

So in celebration of India and Independence Day, I read only from India and the Indian Subcontinent this month. I have done so for the last 6 years, my own quiet bookish celebration. This year is no different. I am so stoked to read all these amazing books I have sitting on my shelves and books I have been specifically saving for this month! 

If you could see me now, you'd see a girl giddy with joy. 

I am so happy August is here. 

Be Good August. 

Be Gentle. 

Be Kind. 

Be full of books and amazing reading! 

So many amazing books to read! I am at the moment, working on my TBR and I know today will be spent staring at my bookshelves and keeping aside a tower of books to read this month. 
TBR will be shared soon, both her and on my IGTV. 


1. Read Indian Books in August. 

2. Re-read a few old favourites. 

3. BLOG EVERYDAY: A little personal challenge. For one reason or another, lately the onslaught of Carpal Tunnel, blogging has been slower than ever. I hate it. It makes me so sad that pretty much all of this year my blog has lain largely abandoned. The funny thing is, I started this year thinking- this year I am going to blog sooooo regularly. Review books like a ninja but had other plans. So this month, I am hoping to get the content churning out like never before. A blog post every single day. 31 posts. Reviews. Hauls. Recommendations. Films. Style. Books. Everything and then some. I am pumped. Let's do this! 

4. Take more pictures on my camera. 

5. Update my Good Reads. I haven't updated it since May and it's been bugging me ever since. 

6. Re-organise my bookshelves. 

7. Take a walk in the rains. 

I am happy you are here August. 

Be Good. 

I hope you and me have a wonderful month ahead. 

Happy Reading Folks! 


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