Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Book Haul: Books of June 2019 + Famous Five Boxset!


This little blog of mine, this little labour of love turned 6 this year. 
In June to be specific, my blog turned a year older. Every year, for my blog birthday I like to treat myself to some special books. Books that have been on my radar for a while, books I have been dreaming of and so on and so forth. 
This year the beginning of June saw me sick with the flu. I was so out of it, I completely forgot that it was my blog birthday. I realised on the 4th of June and then went on to feel like a guilty mother or some such. 
I wondered what I'd do to treat myself? 
Then the answer came to me in a blinding flash. 
Famous Five. 
These books are my childhood in a nutshell. 
The first books that I read on my own and ones I eagerly sought out in my school library. But ones I never owned. I think we, sister and I, own only two out of the 21 books. Those were bought with my sister's General Proficiency money and are so precious to us. I figured it was high time some of my most loved books find a place on my bookshelf. So I got myself the 21 book box set off of Amazon for  pretty good deal. And I am so pleased. I wish I could have found the books in the original editions but those seems to no longer exist. You could perhaps buy them individually second hand but I wanted a brand new and shiny set of books. 

Let's see my beauties in all their splendid nostalgia inducing glory. 

 A thing of beauty and joy! 
So happy this found it's way into my life.

My childhood self would be so happy and chuffed. 
This is a dream come true. 

My precious! 

Review of the boxset///

1. A great size, it doesn't take up a crazy amount of space, which I am grateful for since I am rapidly running out of space to store my books. 

2. The books are nice and tiny too. Yet the font size is good and easy on the eye. 

3. These are unabridged. 

4. I got mine at a good deal, I paid around INR 2100 for 21 books, marked down from the original price of INR 3500. 

5. The boxset arrived in perfect condition. 

As for the books themselves, what can I even say?
I've read the first two books again and they are just as wonderful as I remember them. The good news is that I've forgotten most of the specifics of the storylines so they feel like brand new stories to me. 
And it is such a delight to revisit this world again. To spend time with characters that feel like old friends. 

Get it now. 
Treat yo'self! 


Apart from the boxset I bought two more books in June and was sent one book for review by the author. 

A collection of 18 poems. 
I have read and reviewed this already.  

Another beautiful book that had been on my wishlist for absolute ages. So happy I finally got it. 

And of course, a new Amitav Ghosh book to marvel over. 
Also read and reviewed. 


1. The Famous Five Boxset by Enid Blyton 

2. The Queen of Jasmine Country by Sharanya Manivannan 

3. Gun Island by Amitv Ghosh 

4. Circus Folk and Village Freaks by Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal 

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