Monday, 26 August 2019

Planner Pages for August 2019.


I love decorating my planner pages at the stat of a new week. It's one of the most grounding and calming practices I do without fail. Sit down, pull out my planner supplies, my planner and get started. Make the pages pretty and also fill them with things I need to do and things I've already done. It's both my planner and my journal, a way to document my days. 

Here are my pages for August. 

My main things///

Planner from The Ink Bucket 

Pens held snuggly in a pen slip from Lyra And Co. 

Pencil Bag from La Dolce Vita.

Stationery Pouch from Cute Things from Japan. 

Pens from Zebra Sarasa, Lamy, Pilot and Zebra Mildliner. 
Bought from various places, but mainly Etsy shops. 

On the Pages Now. 

August started with this beautiful quote from Rumi. 

Added a sticker on the Goals and Intentions Page. 

Stickers on hand to make my pages pretty as can be. 

The girl stickers are from Bon Bon Stickers

The floral ones from from Wish. 

Aren't they just gorgeous?! 

I love that this planner comes with so many beautiful floral illustrations. 
So dreamy. 
I added a girl in a similar coloured outfit to match the flowers this page. 

August Week 1. 

Some of these larger floral stickers are from Ali Express and these I use relentlessly and most commonly in my planner. These are big and pretty inexpensive, so I don't feel too guilty about using them all the time. 

I used this page to make my August To Do list. 
I like how the girl here looks like a total Boss Babe. 

More pages and a sticker-y mess. 

Each week in this planner ends with a page to note your weekly highlights, track your expenses and make plans for the upcoming week. 

These are the pens and highlighter I used throughout August, I change the contents on this pen slip each month when I change my coloured pen+ ink pen + highlighter, black pen remains the same. 

Here are all my planner beauties :) 

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