Sunday, 18 August 2019

Stationery Sunday: Kikki K Haul- Planner + Paper Clips + A6 Notebooks + Sticky Notes + Page Markers.


And welcome back to yet another edition of Stationery Sunday, where I share some of my stationery loves with you! 

Today I am sharing a bounty of beauty from one of my favourite places on the planet to buy stationery from- Kikki K. 
I've been a loyal Kikki K fan since the last 6 years and they never disappoint. 
I've bought planners, pens, notebooks, journals, tote bags and pretty much everything they have on offer and I have loved it all. 
Cannot recommend them and their aesthetic enough. 

This time around I got this gorgeous planner, a personal planner is roughly an A6 size, it might be a little taller and slimmer. And it's undated so it's perfect to use at any given point. 
Also, I snagged this one on sale!

I will be using it in some capacity next year. 
I am so excited. 
I will do a proper flip through of it when I am using it, since it's come all nicely taped up and I don't want the pages to be unsettled. 

A set of 5 A6 sized notebooks. 
Always handy to have on hand. Perfect for note taking on the go or to use as Bujo inserts. 

I also got these set of paperclips from their Woodland collection featuring some seriously cute animals and things. 
These are embroidered and perfect to use as planner supplies and even in journals and things. 

Next, I got these beautiful sticky notes to use in my planner and journal pages. 
So freaking cute! 

 A little hedgehog going places. 

And finally two magnetic page markers. 
Saving these to use in this planner next year because it's a perfect pairing. 

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