Friday, 23 August 2019

5 Binge-worthy Crime Thrillers on Netflix

I've been trying to explore Netflix a bit more in an effort to find new and interesting shows to watch. In that process, here are five new (to me) crime thrillers that are totally binge-worthy!

In no particular order:


If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you'll know that we love Criminal Minds- the TV show set in the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI. So, when we learnt that Mindhunter is the story of the actual Behavioural Sciences Unit started interviewing serial killers to learn more about their psyche and what triggers them to commit acts of brutality that were so new, scary and unimaginable!
The show is absolutely fantastic! The build up of the narrative, the little parallel glimpses that we are getting into the genesis of one notorious serial killer and the actual re-creation of the interviews with convicted serial killers themselves! Highly, highly recommend!


Marcella is a police detective just getting back to work after the tragic death of her baby and her impending divorce. There is a killer committing crimes similar to an old case that Marcella had worked on but never closed. The killer is back and getting bolder. Marcella joins the investigation and struggles as she is dealing with debilitating black outs, memory loss and the emotional fall-out of her marriage ending. Through all of this, she manages to see through the obfuscation and catch the real culprit.

This show has a bit of a slow build-up in the first season and, between you and me, Marcella is really annoying sometimes! I wish they'd focus less on her personal drama and more on the case, but well, that's the premise, so what can you do?! The crime and case itself is quite interesting and I stayed with the show for that very reason.

Definitely worth a watch, but you just need to be patience.


Set in the utterly (and bleakly) scenic Wales, Hinterland is a police procedural show. Each season tackles 5 cases and so, it is quite a treat if you don't have the patience to watch the same case unfold over multiple episodes!

The characters are interesting, the cases are not-very-easily-guessable and overall this show has a very Nordic Noir vibe to it, which fits the Welsh landscape perfectly!

Definitely worth a watch. Netflix has 3 seasons of the show, so that is a long weekend all set for you!

Border Town

Border Town is a Finnish language show and is a police procedural as well. It is very, very Nordic Noir in treatment and each case runs for 3 episodes.

So, if you enjoy Nordic Noir and crime fiction with a lot of detailing, then this is the show for you! I've just binged the first three episodes and I quite like it.

On a lighter note, the lead detective (Kari Sorjonen) has been very "inspired" by Cumberbatch's Sherlock! :D He has a 'memory palace' and uses a lot of the same observation and rapid joining of the dots type techniques that Sherlock used in the series!

The Chalet

The Chalet is a French TV series about a group of childhood friends re-uniting in a distant hamlet on the Franco-Swiss border for a wedding. However, soon a mysterious hooded figure starts killing members of the wedding party, starting with the groom himself.

So, this is a pretty fast-paced slasher style crime thriller and is really quite interesting! Highly recommend!

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