Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Monthly Favourites//// September 2015.


Seriously how is it the end of September already?
Time is flyyingggggggg by.
This year seems to have just started and now we are on to the last 3 months of the year. 
But these last 3 months are my absolute favourite months of the year so I am excited to embark on the last leg of 2015. 

September was a nice month.

I read sans a TBR list. 
Read a few lovely books.
My city was lit up for Ganesh Chaturthi. 
Watched a ton of movies. 
Bought 3!
Signed up for Kindle Unlimited. 
Enjoyed some rainy days. 
Ate lots of veggies. 

It was a nice month! 

Let's see some of the things I've been loving all month long! 

1. Totoro Bookmark: So cute! A nice big size and makes every page come alive. 
It's from Crafted Van an Etsy store I have talked about before and I adore them and their work. 

2. Favourite Bag: A colourful boho-chic bag I got from Max this month and I am so in love.
It fits a ton of stuff and the colours and print just make me so happy.
It goes with everything--- Indian clothes and Western clothes. 
Best thing I bought all month and totally my favourite bag I used. 

3. Favourite Outfit: A Sea-Horse print tee and my utterly loved Zara striped loafers that I wear endlessly and are so comfy. 
My Seahorse print tee is from Westside. 

4. Rainy Days: The last of the monsoons this year. I went on a long drive in the rains and it was utterly magical. I miss the rains when they are gone and this year the monsoons in the city were so bad. :( But I still managed to enjoy the rains.

5. Favourite Notebooks: I intend to do a full post on these darling little notebooks- Memo Books. I found them at a bookstore- Om Books. And I love them. They are a fantastic alternative to the Field Notes journals and so much cheaper! 

6. Favourite Pencil Bag: I got this pencil bag, technically a make-up bag from Forever 21 and since I am very happy with my existing make-up bags, I use this to keep my most used pens and pencils and other stationery bits. Love the colour and of course anything that says love on it is a good thing be in my books. 

7. Tech Favourite: We got a new laptop in August and in September I've been learning my way around it. The MacBook Air is a delight to work on and I am still learning the ropes but I am so smitten! 

I am a total Apple convert. I absolutely love, love, love all of my Apple things and this laptop- whom we call Sherlock- is another new Apple love. 

8. Beauty/Skincare Favourite: I have in the recent few months been totally getting hooked on Forest Essentials products. The Madurai Jasmine and Mogra scent is my favourite and I've tried the day lotion, face lotion and even shampoo and conditioner in it. I wanted a Body Butter and I got this one and it's so good. Smooth and silky and leave my skin feeling so good and smelling divine. 

9. Favourite Fauxdori: I seem to always have a dori on my list. I have been made a total convert to the world of Traveller's Notebooks by my sister and this month my favourite was this paperdori I used. I love the print, the colours and how compact it is. Pictured above are also some pens I've been loving at the moment--- a multi ink pen from Uniball with polka dots on it. I also have a pink version of it. And a Hello Kitty pen---what's not to love?! The Hello Kitty pen was in my Happie Scrappie kit and is black and smooth and wonderful. 

10. Favourite Jewellery: I got this ring at Silver Streak in Bandra, this month and I've worn it every single day since. I love how simple and beautiful it is. Silver is a great love of mine and I am always looking for pretty pieces to add to my collection. 

This is all I've loved this month. 

September you were a good and kind month. 

See you again next year.

I'll see you guys soon with another post. :) 

Happy Reading! :) 

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