Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016 Favourites: Favourite Movies of 2016 {Hindi, Bengali and English}

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Today I will be sharing my Top 5 favourite movies of 2016. Since I watch movies in (primarily) three languages- Hindi, Bengali and English- it so happens that my Top 5 includes movies in all these languages. 2016 was a good movie year for me. I watched 120 movies in 2016! :O This includes tons of re-watching of course and new movies as well. I have love movies. Watching a good movie at the end of the day is one of my favourite things ever. I've always been a movie buff, movies were a huge part of my childhood. My parents are both massive movie buffs. My mother and several of her cousins were mad fans of Rajesh Khanna, something we never stop teasing them about. My father was the one who made movies a part of my life. We got a VCR (remember those?) very early on and once we had it our lives were never the same. We watched several movies over the weekend. Bollywood blockbusters, children's films from Hollywood and of course Bollywood classics and Bengali movies. Sitting in front of our TV watching movies with my family are some of the happiest memories of my life. :) I also loved that my parents never ever stopped us from watching any kind of movie. I mean I watched Omen at age 6! And 'It' at age 8, I have never looked at a clown the same ever again.

OK, enough reminiscing and on to my list!

In very a specific and deliberate order, here they are:

1. Dangal/// Very, very clearly and obviously hands-down the best movie of not only the year but, in my opinion, of the decade. Inspired by the true and mind-bogglingly awe-inspiring story of a father who trained his daughters to become India's first gold-medal winning wrestlers. Also, add to that the fact that these two girls- Geeta and Babita Phogat- are from Haryana. For those of you who don't know, Haryana is an India state with the worst sex ratio. It is a state where girls are killed before they are even born. So, keep that in mind and now look at the enormity of Mahavir Singh Phogat and his daughters' achievements! Dangal is brilliantly casted and each and every character performs brilliantly! Special mentions to the kids playing the young Geeta, Babita and Omkar- such naturals! Aamir Khan is brilliant, as usual.. he rises above his stardom and you see him just as Geeta's father. This movie is a total must-watch! I laughed, I cheered and I cried the make-up off my face. So good.

2. Praktan (Bengali)/// Praktan, which means 'former' in Bengali, is a brilliant little movie about relationships, love, adjustments, ego and compromises. It is a simple story, exes meeting after 10 years while travelling from Mumbai to Calcutta in the same train coupe... some may even say that the primary situation is a tad too convenient but worse coincidences happen in life all the time. This is such a brilliant movie! I loved the characters, the performances, the music.. the story.. the lessons learnt.. A must watch! I've seen it twice and loved it just as much on both viewings.

3. The Secret Life of Pets/// A movie that takes a gander at what people's pets could possibly get up to whilst their humans are away! What is not to love about that?! This movie is so adorable! All the animals big and small, good and evil, quirky or not are just so super-duper adorable! If you haven't seen this movie yet, go watch!

4. Finding Dory/// Finding Nemo was my jam when it released all those years ago. I had a mini Nemo toy from McDonalds that dangled off my backpack in college, which I sadly lost during my local train commute. :( My best friends very kindly bought me a massive Nemo toy for my birthday, which I still have! I loved the movie and like everyone else was waiting for a sequel. I loved Finding Dory too, I might have loved it even more than Nemo. I loved Dory's journey home and seeing where she came from and I loved the whales and her family. So good. I want to re-watch this soon!

5. Deadpool/// This movie was a laugh riot. And Ryan Reynolds is a delight. A delight! :) I love this man. And the humour in this movie was filthy and irreverent. A super-hero movie with a difference. Man, I can't wait for the sequel.

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