Monday, 5 December 2016

Blogmas Day 4: Small Hobonichi Cover Haul

Hello! Hello!

A slightly late Blogmas today because I was out all day meeting some friends and hanging out with them and, then, my sister. Some shopping happened as well.

Speaking of shopping, today I will be sharing a tiny Hobonichi Haul of a few things that my sister received in the mail last week.

My sister is an avid Hobonichi user and she uses the 'Original' Hobonichi Techo for daily journaling. She bought the Hobonichi notebook way back in September and I am going to ask her to do a quick 'My 2017 Planners & Journals' kind of a post in a couple of weeks, so interested parties can see it then. :)

One of the main drivers for this haul was this notebook cover. This is the notebook cover that my sister originally wanted for her 2017 Techo. However, this was a limited edition and was sold out within 2 hours of the site opening up on September 1! So, once it got re-stocked, my sister went back and ordered it. :D Yes, she has a stationery problem! 

This is the Ukrainian Flowers cover. It is hand embroidered and made by artisans in Ukraine. It is just so, so, so pretty! The yellow centres of the flowers are super vivid and this cover made my sister really happy! She was second guessing her decision to buy it, but she is now glad she did because if you follow the link, you will see that this cover is sold out yet again! 

Apart from the cover, she also bought a set of 3 folders. These fit into the back or front cover of the Hobonichi and are perfect for carrying around sticker flakes (individually cut stickers) or other bits of paper memorabilia. It is functional and pretty! :) 

Clouds and mountains. 

A geometric design. Love! 

And here they are- the set of 3 folders. 

Hope you enjoyed this tiny haul. 

Will be back again with a blogmas post tomorrow! 

Have a good Monday, folks! 

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