Tuesday, 27 December 2016

2016 Favourites: Favourite TV Shows of 2016.


With the year rapidly coming to a close it's time to list my favourites of the year. I am starting with my favourite TV shows of the year. I am a huge TV buff and my nightly routine is never complete without a couple of my shows. 
Some of my favourite shows in general are Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, Modern Family, Blackish, Bones, Elementary and of course Sherlock! 
These are shows I watch year after year and simply love. 

Now on to the shows I've loved best this year. 

These are in no particular order. 

1. Sherlock The Abominable Bride/// Oh my! A year that starts Sherlock is a good thing be. 
I can't WAIT for the new season that starts on January 1st!
I loved Abominable Bride, creepy, spooky and deliciously fun! 

2. American Horror Story- My Roanoke Nightmare/// I have been an on again off again fan of AHS. There are seasons I loved and those I couldn't stomach. This season was one I loved. A show within a show. A haunted house. A reality TV show and serious scares. And a good dose of history and urban legend. I loved it so much! 

3. The Missing Series-2/// I watched and loved the last season of this show too but man this season was on fire. This show deals with missing people and the effects it has on the family of the missing and the guilt and wreckage it causes. The first season is about a little missing boy and it was great. This season was even better! It dealt with 2 teenage girls abducted and kept in a cellar sorta nightmare and then one of them comes back home. 
But is she the one she claims to be?
It is a little slow and not supremely action packed but it's intense and lovely. 

4. Secrets and Lies Season 2/// I watched one episode of the last season and didn't quite take to it. 
This season, about a dead wife and the husband being the prime suspect and a family that is full of secrets and hidden agendas. 
I loved this show and I love that this show is truly an independent deal. In the sense that you really don't need to watch season 1 in order to watch season 2. I didn't feel lost or felt like I was missing something. Only 10 episodes per season, this is a great show to binge watch. 

5. Stranger Things/// Of course, this one had to be on the list. How can you not love this show?! 
It is freaking genius. 80s have never looked so genuine and real. It didn't look fake for a minute. So fun, spooky, heart warming and all around fantastic. 

6. American Gothic/// I highly, highly recommend you check out this mini-series. It is so good. A wealthy family with a closet full of dark secrets. A serial killer and family secrets. I adored this season and I can't wait for more. 

7. Lovesick Season 1-2//// Man! This show is superb. Funny, sweet, romantic and just adorable. I binge watched both seasons over a weekend and I could honestly watch it again. It's on Netflix and I highly recommend it. 

8. Dead of Summer/// This was one of the best summer shows and another throwback to the 80s. A summer camp and a whole lot of mystery and scares. This was such a taut and fun show with lots of twists and horror and the metaphysical world building was quite engaging. I am quite excited about the next season! This is an anthology series and there will be a new story next season. So fun! 

9. Goenda Ginni/// This is a Bengali show that aired on Zee Bangla and got over (boo hoo!) on December 26th. Goenda Ginni tells the story of Paroma Mitra, a housewife, who through a quite interesting turn of events becomes a private detective. Each case ran for 2-3 weeks and was quite gripping.. you could guess the killer, but not very easily. The characters were also nicely etched and this was the only Indian fiction show that we loyally followed this year. We miss it so much! 

10. Timeless /// Last but definitely not the least is Timeless. A story which combines sic-fi with history and a super-duper conspiracy theory type intrigue track. Each and every episode is a massive roller coaster ride and the characters are just so, so amazing. This show is a total must-watch! 

What shows have you loved this year?

Do please, please share your recommendations in the comments! 

Have a good one, folks! 

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