Sunday, 18 December 2016

Blogmas Day 18: My 2016 Planner- Kikki K Cute Planner Review + Overview.


2016 is almost up and with 2017 is just around the corner, I thought this is a good time to talk about my planner for 2016 and maybe this will help you find a planner for 2017. 

My planner is from Kikkik. 
And in short I've loved, LOVED using it. 
It is cute to a fault. Like so beautiful and cute and lovely! 
And it's been great to use.
Get a cup of coffee and settle down, this is a picture heavy post since I want to share as many pretty pages as possible so you can see the beauty of this planner of mine.
I wish I could have shown more pages but since almost all of the pages are now full and full of personal details and things, details I don't want to put up on the internet. :)

Let's just jump in...

Watermelons galore.
Love the soothing aqua colour and the wonderful pop of colours via the slices of watermelons.

The inside flap has several pockets to hold bits and bobs.
The planner comes with the 2 notepads which I haven't used up even by the end of the year.
A good addition to the planner and something I can use next year too.
 I also have some bookmarks and some extra post-its if I need them.

The front dashboard is all seasonal and pretty.
This didn't come with the planner I got it separately from an Etsy seller. So pretty, it's made out of vintage paper.

Hearts all over!
The name plate is from Kikkik too.
The heart dashboard is from an Etsy seller too.

This is the monthly view.
I used this to track my meals and cooking and what I ate in the day.
I use different colours of ink to track eating out vs. cooking at home.
I also tracked some packages this month.

Boats to start the weekly spreads.

Some pages from January.

I sometimes also added extra pages to draw and doodle my activities in the day.

Simple slim washi tape to decorate pages.

Stickers used to decorate the top of pages.

Ice-creams and more colourful dashboards.

I use this section to track the movies I watched in 2016.
I've been tracking my movie watching since 2012 and it's been fun to see the movies I watch and ones I re-watch during the year.

I love colouring!
And so I used a small section of my planner to house these colouring pages from Happie Scrappie.

The last section is one to track my expenses.
I didn't use this section very well...I suck at keeping a detailed list of all my expenses.

The back flap has some pockets too and I use this pocket to predominantly store some stickers and such.

I have loved using this planner.
It had everything I needed and then some.
I loved how you could customise it as you liked. Add extra pages and use the different sections for multiple uses.
The paper quality is good too, however it's best not to use ink pens in this. Some inks do bleed through.
The space in the weekly spread is enough for me since I do use a separate planner for Book Planning and my Reading. And I do have a separate journal. So it worked out. If you need more space, you could totally add more pages like I said.

The A5 size is also something I immensely enjoyed.

Kikkik's quality is also ace and I always enjoy the planner/stationery bits I get from them. I highly, highly recommend them. So good. Also their shipping has been hassle free for me too *touch wood*!
In fact, my 2017 planner is from Kikkik as well.
A haul and in depth look into that will come soon. Early next year.


I hope you enjoyed a look into my 2016 planner and I hoped this helped in some way too.

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