Thursday, 8 December 2016

Blogmas Day-8: Dinner at Palladium Social.


Today's Blogmas post comes a little late in the day...or night. 

It's been a day!
Plus I got a book haul post earlier.

Now on to some deliciousness. 

I recently ate at the Palladium Social. 
This place is a hoot.
Slightly too loud for my taste TBH. I like places where I can have a peaceful conversation and hear the thoughts in my head. The music here is often a little to loud! 

But the quirkiness makes up for it's loudness. 

My sister had a prawn curry and rice.
I had a Chicken Burger but deconstructed. As in without the buns. 

The food was good. 
The serve ware was interesting but honestly is little bit much.
The jail vibes were strong! 
But the thing that irked me was that the place kept moving and just wouldn't sit still. 

The thing I loved best about this place is it's quirkiness.
It's decor is impeccable. 
And the wait staff is so friendly and really goes out of the way to make you feel welcome. 


I had a good time here. 
Also...they have some pretty delicious pancakes. 
Do try it out if you have a Social in your town. 

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