Friday, 9 December 2016

Blogmas Day- 9: Paper Geek Co. Pen & Die-Cut Haul.


And Happy Friday! 

For today's post I want to share some lovely, lovely pens I recently added to my life and pencil case. 
Paper Geek Co. is a shop I adore. And we've gotten quite a few things from them in the past. 
This time around we got some super cute pens, washi tape and some die-cuts. 
I am going to share only the pens and die cuts in this post. To keep things swift. 

Let's jump into it...


Sorta all of my favourite things. 
Had to get these to dress up pages of my planner and journal. 


How can you resist this cuteness? 
Bears and Cats and Cactus. 
I am in love. 
The Bear pens are blue ink and the others are black ink. 
Apart from being beautiful the ink quality is fantastic and I am very happy with them. 

See you again tomorrow. 


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