Sunday, 11 December 2016

Blogmas Day- 10 Nungshiba Dolls for Delight! Haul + Raving!


Today's post brings me so much joy. 

A week or so back my sister found out these delightful dolls made by local tribal women of the blue  hills of Nagaland. She was immediately smitten by their simple elegance and adorableness. There is something so old-worldly about these dolls. They remind me of some rag dolls I had as a child and defiantly took me back to my childhood story books. 

As soon as we heard of these dolls, we went to the website that sells them and found that most of them were, in fact, sold out (even more are gone now)! 
But we were lucky to get our hands on 3 beautiful dolls. 

You can find these beauties on PreciousMeLove 

and I highly recommend you do check it out. 

From the Website: Nungshiba Handicrafts- Dolls of Northeast India. Handcrafted and handmade by local tribal women from the beautiful blue hills of Nagaland, the handmade dolls have been carefully designed and made to resemble the unique and beautiful tribal's from North-East India. Each Nungshiba handmade doll takes a day to make, with a lot of labor, detailing, experimenting and perseverance by the local tribal women of Nagaland. This is to ensure each Nungshiba handmade doll is special, unique and a joy forever. 

I love being able to support the handicrafts of India. It brings to joy. To be able to support the artisans and craftsman/woman who put so much love, effort and talent into their creations. So much better than buying from a massive, often soulless organisation. Support the indigenous art forms. Support the artists that need you help. 

With Christmas coming up..this is a great place to get some dolls for a a friend...big or little. 

Let's see my 3 new friends shall we..

These dolls are very well made with a lot of attention to detail and every bit of fabric used is of such nice quality! They're also so, so cute! 

These dolls support a very, very good cause that of providing employment to women, who live in the tribal areas of Nagaland! Even if you don't need one, do buy one to support these incredibly talented women! 

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