Friday, 23 December 2016

Blogmas Day- 23 Things That Bring Me Comfort.


Thank God it's Friday! 
Coz I have had a day and a half.
I spent like over 5 hours on the roads today. Ugh! 
Bombay traffic is killing me. Killing the joy out of my life. I seriously am considering moving to the hills and give up on city life. Seriously, the roads and noise and traffic and chaos is so not worth it. 
It sucks. 
I've always been a city girl but lately there has been a disconnect. When I was in Landour I honestly didn't want to leave. I just didn't want to come back to Bombay and it's largess and noise and people everywhere. Of course, a big city has it's advantages but overall it's not the special. 
I would move to the hills tomorrow if given a chance. 

Sorry for being such a grumpus but I've just had a rotten day today.


But let's focus on the good! 

Things That Bring me Comfort and soothe my frayed nerves. 

1. Ink Pens/// I am old fashioned when it comes to my writing instruments. I love ink pens and the old world charm they exude. 
I also love having different coloured inks on hand to make my writing even more interesting. 
Pictured above are my Lamy Ink pens with a medium sized nib. 
My floral pen which is from Korea (?) it was a gift. 
The Private Reserve Ink is in a gorgeous Turquoise colour. 

2. Colouring Whimsy Art/// Instant therapy. 
Cute little animals and happy little colours. 
The art is from a little book from Accessorize. 
The colour pens are from Muji, Camlin Brush Pen and a Zebra Midliner. 

3. Glitter Washi Tape/// So much joy! 
These slim washi tapes are from Itsy Bitsy. 

4. Kurtas/// I am in a total boho mood these days. All I want wear lately is long, flowy kurtas in happy block prints and colours. 

5. Pins/// Loving, LOVING pins lately. 
Such a fun and colourful way to add some quirk to a bag or jacket. 

These are all the things that bring me joy. 
What has brought you joy lately? 

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