Monday, 26 December 2016

Blogmas Day- 25! Christmas Day + My Main Christmas Present - Accessorize Floral Backpack.


And just like that Blogmas comes to an end. 
I've really enjoyed blogging every single day this month and even twice on some days. 
I've missed being so regular on here. I was looking at my numbers and I've blogged very little (comparatively) in 2016. I've done way better in the previous 3 years. I was bumming out a bit on that account and Blogmas with it's daily blogging made me feel so much better. 


Moving on...

Merry Christmas folks. 
Well, in my time zone Christmas is over.
I hope you've had a lovely day.
Mine was good.
Quiet but good.
There were flowers.
Yummy food. 
Goan Christmas treats--lots of guava cheese!
Reading a Christmas appropriate book. 

A good day.

I also wore my fuzzy shoes since today was thankfully a cold day in my otherwise blistering city! 
An Xmas miracle I tell you! 

Scenes of festivity all around.
You've got to love Christmas for the colour and enthusiasm it infuses in everyone around. 

Now on to my main present this Christmas. 
This gorgeous little backpack from Accessorize which I got last week from my sister. 
My sister and I are terrible with gift giving. We never gift wrap anything and we never..almost ever put things under the tree. We have the patience of a 2 yr old when it comes to gifts! 

My sister kindly bought me this backpack and I've already used it and love it. 
It's roomy and oh-so-gorgeous. 
I absolutely love the print and all of the darling illustrations all over it. Seriously, every single inch of the bag is covered in illustration. So lovely! 
Plus it's roomy without being boxy of inelegant. 
I like it a whole lot! 

In all of it's glory. 
Free Spirit front and centre! 

This front zip compartment is very generously sized and holds several things-- my iPod, hand sanitiser, tissues, hair brush, phone and candy. 

Some close-ups of the print.
All of my favourite things.  

It has these nifty little side pockets to hold a bottle of water or gum.
Or receipts and such like. 
Very useful. 

I love my gift and it is such a joy to carry it places and it goes with every single outfit. 


You can still find it in stores. 

2016 is nearly over. 
Get ready for a bunch of favourites posts coming up all of this next week.
I still need to look back and pick my Top 10 Reads of 2016!!! 

I better get to making those lists! 

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