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Blogmas Day- 7: The November Planner Society Kit Unboxing + Review.

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Welcome to yet another day of Blogmas!

I hope all of you had/ are having a lovely Wednesday!

Today, I will be doing a very picture-heavy unboxing of the Planner Society Kit's November Box. We subscribe to this monthly box of goodies and every month, this kit keeps getting better and better!

Let's dive into all that delicious stationery goodness! Get yourself a cup of tea and look at some serious beauty!

Here's how all the goodies come packaged in- in one giant envelope. In the past, we have used this pretty envelope paper to cover notebooks and use in journaling spreads. Why waste anything, right? 

This pretty planner supplies pouch came with this month's box and I love the winter floral print of it. The zipper is a bit dicey.. but I am hoping it will smoothen out once the pouch is full. 

Every monthly box comes with two sheets of stickers. 

These are the stamps for this month. Super useful for stamping dates on journal/ planner pages. 

These are the tabs for this month. Tabs are useful for sectioning off your journal or planner into relevant sections of your liking. The best part about these tabs is that they come with sticker labels. So, you can either write what the tab is for or use one of the many labels that it comes with. 

Some die-cuts. These are winter floral and woodsy themed to go with the other elements in this kit. 

The washi for this month matched the black floral print you can see below. This is such a pretty roll of washi tape! 

This month's sticky notes are so cute! Not the most functional because there isn't a ton of writing real space but they are cute.. and good for making quick notes. 

Some more stickers. These are cork stickers. 

The charm this month is a little traveler's notebook, which couldn't be cuter if it tried! 
It even has a few tiny pages inside so if you wanted to you could use it. For writing your favourite word on each of it's little pages. 
It is just the cutest thing I've ever seen! 

The kit came with these 3 Deer Head page markers which me and my sister have been using since we got these. 
Adorable and they make our planners look so pretty and they do their job of making pages easy to find..well easy. 
These are so dainty yet well-made and of high quality. 

Gift Tags. 
A perfect addition in this month of gift giving. You could add to your gifts and gift bags for an extra pop.
As a planner girl I am using it in my Kikkik Planner to hold the current page. 
They are also great for decorating pockets of traveller's notebooks and such. 

A pen is always part of the kit and something I look forward to immensely. 
This month we got this twist up ball pen with a giant faux diamondesque stone on the end. 
TBH, the stone has fallen off. But I don't mind it. 
The stone made the pen a little too heavy to me to use. 
I like it now. Minimal and beautiful. 

As always we got a TON of papers!
So many prints and just so much beauty. 
I am blown away by these gorgeous prints and how striking all of them are.

Just look!

I honestly want this print to be my wallpaper! 

This pencil case was the first thing I saw when I opened the box and I fell in love. 
So gorgeous. 
Subtle and beautiful.
I am using it currently to hold my markers and coloured gel pens that I use on a regular basis. 
Love it.
I will say though that the zipper on this is not of the best quality ( like I said already) and it is honestly a pain to shut.
I am very tempted to leave the zip open and just use the closing clasp as the sole means to shut this but it makes the whole contraption a little unwieldy.
Slightly bummed out.
I wonder if I got a bum piece or if this is a case with all of the pieces? 


Overall this is a kit I LOVE.
Look forward to all month long.
I highly, highly recommend you treat yourself to this kit.
You won't regret it. 


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