Saturday, 17 December 2016

Blogmas Day 16: OOTD + New Accessorize Backpack

Hello all!

Today (or rather yesterday!) was a really hectic day. Lots of work and work-related things to be done but I did manage to squeeze in a teeny bit of Christmas shopping!

Went to H&M and bought a ton of their adorable stickers and patches! Plan to jazz up some plain backpacks, bags, T-shirts, jackets etc. Will share what I bought from H&M very, very soon!

Here's a quick look at my outfit of the day or OOTD, as the kids call it!

Wore a navy floral top from Westside... from a brand called LOV. Both LOVE and Sassy Soda have really "on-trend" tops and t-shirts! 

My pendant is a new love from an old favourite store. It's an original illustration of an indie artist's print, reproduced with permission by Polarity, an Etsy store. I love these pendants! Each necklace comes with 4 different, inter-changable pendants and so, you can pretty match or not with what you wear. SO FUN!

My main Christmas present, which has come in a bit early, from my sister is this GORGEOUS 'Free Spirit' backpack from Accessorize! Just look at all the pretty woodland themed illustrations! I die!! 
We've had a tradition of buying bags for Christmas going back to 2011! I love how compact yet spacious this bag is and it comes with a removable 'gadget' sleeve. Basically, you can slip in an iPad or any gadget of that size or smaller in that sleeve. Perfect for travel! 

Hope you've had a good week! Enjoy your weekend! 

And, of course, see you tomorrow with yet another Blogmas post! 


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