Sunday, 11 December 2016

Blogmas Day 11: Chic Sparrow Pocket Pemberley Set Up

Hello hello!

Welcome to yet another day of Blogmas! I hope everyone is having a nice and restful Sunday!

Today, I have asked my sister to share a quick look at the set up of her Pocket/ Field Notes sized Chic Sparrow Pemberley in Aubergine.

The Pemberley leather is really pliable and textured. It wraps around the inserts really snugly. The aubergine colour is a dark purple colour. Really pretty! 

This little panda charm is one that I received a long time ago along with an order from Pelle Studio on Etsy. I love this little guy. 

The Pemberley TNs come with pockets and a pen loop, what Chic Sparrow calls 'Deluxe'. The pockets are needed on this leather because the leather is thin and the pockets are needed to give it some structure. I love pockets! They are super handy for storing stickers, stamps and other bits and pieces. 

A closer look at the contents of my pocket. 

I, currently, have three inserts in here. The first one is for 'thoughts' (like the cover says) :) 

The second one is for lists and for tracking online shopping packages and the like. 

The last insert is where I write down quotes that I find inspiring. In the pen loop is a pen from Muji. I love the Muji gel pens- they are super smooth and the colour pay-off is excellent. 

I hope you guys enjoyed a quick peek into my sister's current traveler's notebook. 

Have a great evening/ day ahead! See you tomorrow! 

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