Sunday, 30 December 2018

2018 Favourites: Favourite Bags of 2018.


If you didn't know this before, let me tell you now- I am a complete bag lady. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE bags and therefore couldn't think of the year ending without listing my favourite bags from 2018. 

So here we go..

Oh these are both my sister and my favourites! 

1. A Simple Satchel from Jaipur
Bought this beauty from a shop opposite Hawa Mahal. So simple, clean and utterly gorgeous. I wanted a bag like this for absolute ages.

2. Grey Ikat Circle Bag from Wear Your Style
This tiny bag was a constant companion during my travels to the hometown. She was perfect to hold my essentials for outings and since she's crossbody, it meant I had my hands free. So gorgeous. I love ikat and bags made out of ikat are some of my favourites.
The square checks bag is also from the same brand and one that my sister used while on holiday.

3. Grey Backpack from Chumbak
Another travel favourite from this year. A neutral colour that went with everything and just the perfect enough size to hold everything I needed, including my camera and it's bag + extra shawls and sweaters. 

4. Velvet Bucket Bag from Chumbak! 
Even though she looks tiny, this gorgeous velvet bucket bag came in handy both during my travels and even in daily life. I love the colour and I absolutely love the tassels on the sides. Easily one of the best bags I acquired this year! 

5. Lazy Mandy from Chiaroscuro 
This is a perfect not-so-little or not-so-big duffle bag from one of our favourite indie leather brands- Chiaroscuro! Lazy Mandy has the perfect amount of space for all your travel essentials and even a bottle of water! My sister carried this bag all over North Bengal for our vacation and it was the perfect travel companion!

6. Sera from Hydes Studio
I can't tell you how long I lusted after this beauty. She is in a style that I adore, a classic satchel and she is the kind of bag that will always be in style. I was so happy when she arrived, it was love at first sight! 

7. Big Stella from Chiaroscuro
Another favourite from our favourite bag makers. Stella is a dream. Another one I lusted after for months and months and finally got her. She looks little but she fits in a ton of stuff. Classic and gorgeous!

She is utterly beautiful.

8. The Frida Bag from Riddhi Pankaj 
Riddhi and her beautifully made bags have been one of our best discoveries of 2018! We now own around 8-9 bags from her and they are all stunning and all so, so well-made! Here is one of my personal favourites- a circle Frida Kahlo inspired bag! What is not to love?! And, she is spacious enough to fit all my necessities and even a 200-300 ml water bottle!!

9. Totes and Pouches from Studio Joyeeta 
I have talked about Joyeeta on this blog before and how much I love and connect with her dripping-in-Bangaliana art! So, it is not a surprise that my sister and I have ordered several bags, brooches and other things from her! Case in point, a hath pakha bag and a fishy pouch! Love her work!

Hope you enjoyed a look at some of my favourite bag finds of the year! :)

Have a great New Year's Eve Eve! :)

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